Together against criminality

Criminals exploit every opportunity they can, be it organized burglary or pickpocketing into or stealing cars.

Don’t give thieves a chance!

Be careful, because prevention is, and will continue to bein the future, the best protection against thieves.


If you follow our recommendations, you will have done a great deal for your own security, and this doesn’t cost you any money.

We don’t want to frighten you, we only wish to warn you. We hope that you will have a good time in Hungary and fond memories of your holiday here.




  • Never leave valuables, money, or important documents in your car or caravan! Use a belt bag!
  • Keep copies of your personal documents! These make investigations easier if your documents are lost or stolen, and are also a back-up for identification purposes later.
  • Write down the address you are staying at in Hunagry in your note book! Keep the receipt from your hotel or accomodation!
  • Watch out for swindlers! Change money only in banks or official exchange offices; in this way you can avoid being cheated or receiving counterfeit money.
  • Check the address and telephone number of your embassy or consulate!
  • Cash entices thieves, therefore only keep as much money on your person as you actually need.
  • Keep your money separated (foreign currencies, forints, credit cards, traveller’s checks)! Place them in different wallets or pockets, or if there are several people in your group, divide the money amongst yourselves.
  • Be especially careful in public transportations, department stores, and public places where many people congregate! Watch out for pick pockets – anyone at any time can fall prey to these organized gangs.